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Kingwell Fine Homes is dedicated to their clients and to providing homes built with the future in mind!

We craft exceptionally well built homes, that include unique and exciting features to make it more comfortable, more efficient, and healthier.
Our team is looking forward to making the buying and ownership of a Kingwell Home one of the best experiences it can be. Incorporating a holistic approach that will save you time, money, and energy!

Full Service

Our team is equipped to help with everything to do with your purchase of a Kingwell Fine Home! Ask about the Mortgage*, Insurance**, Legal, and Real Estate Sales*** programs we have arranged for our clients. With programs designed to save you time and money!

Need help with furnishing your new property? We have an Interior Stylist ready to help design the perfect interior!

Green-First Approach

Not only are our homes built to insure Comfort and Health, you can also feel good that they’re constructed in a way to reduce waste by up to 30% over a typical build.

Net Zero Options

The majority of our homes are built to a Net Zero Ready standard. A home that is so well built and so energy efficient, that with the addition of a renewable power source (typically solar) the home produces as much energy as it would use to heat and cool.

The Customer is treated like Royalty

We value your business. We’ve been helping families and investors with home purchases for over 15 years – and we know the stress it can cause. That’s why we have our Royalty Concierge program for Kingwell Buyers!

Our Developments


Luxury Townhomes (Toronto Skyline views)

We build NetZero Homes.

Building technologies for a new way of thinking.

As loads in High Performance homes go lower, volume of required conditioned air drops, causing a decline in performance for traditional duct systems.

The Smart Duct System® was designed with the builders’ requirements in mind as well as the building science community’s input.

Bluewater Energy Logo

Bluewater Energy is one of Ontario’s Leading Solar Power Energy construction companies, providing Solar Photovoltaic Engineering, Procurement and Installation with vast experience in the commercial, agricultural and residential markets.

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Kingwell Partners make us stronger.

Let us treat you like royalty.

We founded Kingwell with the aspiration of building Comfortable, Healthy, and Sustainable homes that don’t sacrifice on that luxury feel.  Today, with ongoing developments in several communities in Ontario, let us build the perfect home for you.

The Kingwell Team

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